Athleticship Fund


  1. Council Rock Lacrosse Association is pleased to offer Athleticships to youth athletes within our program boundaries who do not otherwise possess the financial resources to participate in our youth lacrosse program.  The CRLA Board has budgeted $2,000 per year for Athleticships.  Donations to the Athleticship Fund will supplement the annual budgeted amount.
  2. This Athleticship will cover:
    1. Registration fee
    2. Uniform
  3. The Athleticship does not cover:
    1. Tournament fees (except to the extent included in the registration fee)
    2. Clinic fees
    3. Incidental expenses
    4. US Lacrosse membership fee
    5. Equipment (other than uniform)
  4. Athleticships are considered on a need based basis.  Interested families must complete the Athleticship Application, including a statement of need.  However, personal financial details (bank records, tax returns, etc.) are not required and should NOT be submitted to CRLA.
  5. This is an “honor system” program.  The expectation is that the CRLA community will reserve athleticship funds for those families who could not register their child/children to play lacrosse without financial assistance.
  6. There is no per family limit to an athleticship.
  7. Athleticships are separately awarded pursuant to these guidelines for CRLA’s spring and fall programs.  Separate applications are required for each season for which an athleticship is sought.
  8. The deadline for spring applications is March 1.  Late applications may be considered, but timely applications will receive priority.
  9. Require that parent(s) and player(s) be “in good standing” with CRLA (no disciplinary infractions, etc.) and agree to all applicable CRLA policies.
  10. Applicants can reapply every year.
  11. Awards will be at the discretion of the Athleticship Committee.  CRLA will use its commercially reasonable efforts to keep applications confidential.
  12. Applicants must provide proof of US Lacrosse membership.
  13. The system administrator will remove all identifying family information from the application, assign a numerical code, and send it to the CRLA Athleticship Committee for consideration.
  14. Athleticship applicants will be notified prior to the closing of registration whether their application has been approved.